Monday, July 23, 2012

Did anyone get thier free St. Tropez Earrings? This and the Sneakpeeq deal of the day!

Tap into the blissful spirit of St. Tropez, with its warm sandy beaches and rejuvenating sea breeze! To help you get in the spirit, sneakpeeq is giving you St. Tropez EARRINGS FOR FREE! St. Tropez is known for its ability to revive the soul, but we can't always hop on the next flight to France. Luckily, you'll always look fresh and full of joie de vivre when you adorn these radiant ocean blue earrings. These earrings have a pearly luster that has the same relaxing properties as the idyllic French Riviera. GET YOUR FREE St. Tropez EARRINGS ($60 value) just for joining sneakpeeq!

5 day count down to the Olympics Opening Ceremonies in London! Show your Olympic and USA pride with RuMe's iPhone cases! These cases retail for $36, but your price is only $22! GO USA!


  1. Got mine today but they're not blue. They are a peach color. Not thrilled. Apparently the description says you get a free color. I don't remember seeing that when I ordered them specifically to match a necklace and a bracelet I already have. I'll never wear this color.

  2. im sorry. I did not realize they did this. When they were doing the free scarf, thats when I signed up. Good to know. Thank you!

  3. They do take returns so I might send them back so they can send them to someone who might like the color. And it's not like I'm out any money. I'm just disappointed because I still want the blue ones!