Saturday, July 28, 2012

Free Blogger Opportunity: Apple Macbook Air Giveaway!

Apple MacBook Air Giveaway - Blogger Event
Another awesome event brought to you by Pregnancy Forum & Joys of Life for their wonderful members

Apple Macbook Air Giveaway - Worldwide

Blogger Sign Ups - July 20 to September 15. - Receive 1 FREE Link of choice either Facebook/Twitter, with announcement post or $5.50 without announcement.

Additional links $2.20 each.

Increase your page visits, purchase hosts slot. Hosts slots available for $11 (Facebook or Twitter). Will remove this option once I get my desired number of hosts - I am looking for 200 signups - which means you will be getting traffic from those 200 blogs and pages when you host a Facebook or Twitter. Cash giveaways will get you a ton of followers!

I am also accepting non-publishers for $22 which gives you 2 free links without any liability to post the announcement post or giveaway HTML on your blog/website.

All the amount received will go towards the giveaway.

Those who refers the most bloggers to signup the event will get their Blog Name with a link back to their blog for free on the giveaway post.


Have to change the method because of recent unpleasant events of people sending payments to wrong accounts. This is the safe way to make your payments without worrying that you sent the payment to wrong accounts.

Event Dates - September 17 to Oct 17. I will send html out on September 16.

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