Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oogieloves Event, the Wacky day out with the kids!

So you know I went to a blogger event but you dont know what!

Kenn Viselman who has worked with Teletubies and Thomas the Tank Engine has created a truely G rated film. When was the last time you have seen a truely G rated film out? The last one were nature documentaries. According to Kenn, this was his motivation for making this film. I PROMISE a full out review once the film has been reseased in the theaters on OOgust (august) 29th.

When we arrived, I was greeted by Jeana, the person organizing the event. They encouraged us to bring the kids. I brought all four, and they were really well behaved. They had an arts and crafts activity for them. They decorated lunch bags with stickers, markers and glitter. They really enjoyed that. Nicky didn't participate because he would have eaten everything. He is only 18 months old!

After they were settled into thier activities, there was a questions and answers session with Kenn. He said he wanted to put an element from every type of person in the US so this film was for everyone. I thought that was great. He wanted to create a movie that encouraged interaction with the children and was geared towards younger children. There are animated movies out there that if they were live action they would be rated R. He used the movie UP for example. There is miscarriage and other adult themes in that movie. This one he created was geared towards young kids. I cant say more until August 29! Here are more pictures!

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