Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Pinata's Demise

Hello. I am a Green Lantern piñata and I am here to tell my story from Pinata heaven. This nice lady bought me after I was shipped to Toys R Us. I hear her talking about how hard it was to find Green Lantern anything and was excited to find me. I was stored in the garage for a few days.

The big day came. Whatever that meant. I would find out soon enough. The lady filled me with candy. She tied me to a tree. I was still confused at this point. Then before I knew it, there were kids coming to the house. I saw a baseball bat being swung by 4 year olds! I tried to scream but I was a piñata, I CANT SCREAM. I was busted open and candy fell out. Such Barbaric Customs! Beating me up for pure AMUSEMENT. I am writing this so other Piñatas can be aware. DO NOT BE APART OF THIS! When I figured it out it was too late!!!!

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