Behind the Blog

Here are some basic things about me so you can get to know the person behind the blog!

1. I am a mother. I have three kids of my own and I am raising my niece. I am more of the mommy figure in her life. So in actuality I have four children. They are 4, 4, 2, and 1.

2. I am a veterinary technician. I work in an animal hospital and love it. I am sure most of you would agree that most animals are easier to deal with than people. Its a great feeling when you save an animal's life. They never forget it. I have been in the veterinary field for about 2 years.

3. I am a student. I am working on my Certified Veterinary Technician. Here in the state of Florida, it is not required to be certified. Who would not want the piece of paper saying they knew more than everyone else?

4. As you know I am a blogger. I do this to help my fellow parents out.I started this blog in May of 2011. I am a natural at finding deals and free stuff. Why keep it a secret when I can share it with the world! I have met a lot of wonderful bloggers along this journey. I am hoping to go to BlogHer eventually. It looks like everyone has fun.

5. I am a wife. My husband and I got married in 2005 and were together for 4 years before we were married. The wedding had to be pushed back a few times for financial reasons but I do not regret it. He is a wonderful father and great husband. I could not ask for anything better! We met the old fashioned way, in college!

6. Pet Lover. I have four cats, a rabbit, 2 turtles and a fish tank full of fish. I will have pictures of all of them soon! I promise. One of my cats Tipsy was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I took her to work with me and is on medication so she should be gaining her weight back soon.

7. Hemp Jewelry Artist. If everything I listed here isn't enough I also make hemp jewelry. I have an etsy shop and Facebook page and do very well. Everything of mine is made from old broken jewelry to promote recycling and saving our earth. Even at home I drive my family crazy with the recycling!

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  1. Hello found you in bloggy moms, I just started following you, really like your blog and that's why I nominated you for Liebster Award!